Answered By: Jan Uhde
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Who has access to Get it! @ Waterloo?

All University of Waterloo faculty, staff and students may access Get it! @ Waterloo. Get it! @ Waterloo is available on and off campus.

Why can't I see the Get it! @ Waterloo button?

Most, but not all, of the library subscription databases use this feature.

The Get it! @ Waterloo button will not appear if the JavaScript function in your browser is disabled.

Why don't I get full-text for some items?

The most likely reasons are:

  • there is no full-text version available

  • the library does not subscribe to that journal online

    Click on the catalogue link in Get it! @ Waterloo to see if the library has a print subscription.

    Why are there so many windows when I use Get it! @ Waterloo?

    Get it! @ Waterloo opens 3 new windows or tabs for each article:

  • clicking on the button opens a menu screen

  • selecting a "service" associated with that article opens a second window

  • and the third window appears for the resource that you choose

    Remember to close the windows once your search is completed.

    Why is there more than one link for full-text?

    Generally, the library has one subscription to a journal, resulting in only one link. However, some packages result in duplication. Also, sometimes multiple full-text providers offer different coverage.

    What does 'item not found' mean?

    This means there is an error in a field, such as title or article year. Unfortunately, if there's an error in the citation Get it! @ Waterloo will be unable to retrieve the article. Try searching just the author or title. If it still doesn't work it's possible that the source has changed, so try another link or request an interlibrary loan (ILL).

    Sometimes I only get to the journal or the publisher site instead of the full-text. Why does this happen?

    Unfortunately, it's not always possible to configure a link to go directly to the full-text article or abstract. Some publishers only allow linking to the journal's main site or table of contents, from there you'll have to navigate to the full-text article.

    Why does nothing appear after I've clicked on the Get it! @ Wateroo link button?

    Pop-ups must be enabled on your browser for Get it! @ Waterloo to function properly.

    What do I do when I get a "bad URL" or "Error 404," or another "not found" message?

    This message indicates one of two things:

  • the article is recent and has yet to be loaded on the site, or

  • the Get it! @ Waterloo links are incorrect and need to be updated.

    Please contact us to report the problem.

    How can I find out more about Get it! @ Waterloo or obtain further assistance? Ask Us!

    For technical information, visit the Ex Libris Get it! overview page.


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